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Our comprehensive ERP solution is tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses in UAE.
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Tired of managing multiple software for your business?
Let EzeeBooks take care of it all.

EzeeBooks comprehensive ERP solution is tailored specifically for UAE businesses.

Features included such as financial management, inventory, CRM for sales and customer management, HR & Payrolls, Project, Reporting and Analytics, and much more.
You can streamline your operations, improve efficiency and make data-driven decisions.
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Say goodbye to expensive software packages and hello to affordable solutions with EzeeBooks.

+30% more client


Automated processes and workflow save time and reduce errors.

in 3 steps

Easy to use:

Intuitive user interface and easy navigation make it simple for users of all skill levels to use.

Data security:

Rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure with our data security and backup features.



As your business grows, so does our system.

Ezeebooks Dashboard

Key Features of EzeeBooks

Effortlessly manage

Effortlessly manage

your finances with our comprehensive financial management and accounting features.

Keep track

Keep track

of your inventory levels, manage stock movements and generate reports on inventory status with our inventory management features.

Manage your customer

Manage your customer

information, track sales and generate invoices and receipts with our sales and customer management features.

Streamline your procurement

Streamline your procurement

process by managing your vendor information, track purchase orders and generate reports on procurement status with our purchase and procurement management features.

Manage your employee information,

Manage your employee information,

track attendance, and generate payroll reports with our human resources and payroll management features.

Keep track of your project information,

Keep track of your project information,

track project progress, and generate project reports with our project management features.

Optimize your logistics

Optimize your logistics

and supply chain by tracking shipments and generating reports on supply chain performance with our supply chain management features.

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More functionalities

is The Success Key

Gain valuable insights

Gain valuable insights

on your business performance with our reporting and analytics features.

Be sure that your data is secure

and easily recoverable in case of any loss with our data security and backup features.

Access the system from anywhere

Access the system from anywhere

and any device with our mobile and cloud-based accessibility features.

Integrate with other

Integrate with other

external systems such as Zoom Meetings, Slack, Stripe, Paypal, etc. with our integration features.

Ahmed Khan - CEO of Pearl Accounting Services

As the owner of a small consulting firm, I've been using EzeeBooks for the past year, and I'm thrilled with the results. This comprehensive accounting software has transformed how I manage my finances, providing a range of features that make invoicing, inventory management, and financial reporting simple and efficient. With EzeeBooks, I have the financial insights I need to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend it to any small business owner.

Maryam Ahmed - Owner of Dubai Finance Hub

EzeeBooks has been a game-changer for my retail business. The inventory management features are top-notch, enabling me to track my stock levels, sales, and purchases easily. Additionally, the streamlined invoicing and billing system allows me to create and send professional invoices to my customers quickly, while the comprehensive reporting features help me make informed business decisions. I would highly recommend EzeeBooks to any small business owner.

Khalid Ali - Founder of Dubai Wealth Management

As a freelance graphic designer, I needed affordable, user-friendly, and efficient accounting software. I'm pleased to say that EzeeBooks has exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The software's customizable dashboard makes it easy for me to see the financial data that is most relevant to my business, while the secure data backup and storage options give me peace of mind knowing my data is always safe. I highly recommend EzeeBooks to any freelancer or a small business owner.

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Our comprehensive ERP solution is tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses in UAE.

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